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Chicken Gyros

You’ll want to marinate the chicken for this recipe for as long as possible (up to 48 hours) — this makes the result wonderfully tender and flavorful. Ideal for entertaining, as all the work can be done ahead of time and the chicken quickly cooked as needed, the melange of flavors created by the mixture of sweet and savory spices is the secret to success here. Serve in warm pitas for a casual, yet fabulous supper. Read more

Olive Oil Bread

This bread, which is so easy and enjoyable to make, can have so many flavor variations depending on the type of olive oil you use: regular olive oil would render a neutral flavor, while extra-virgin olive oil would bring a more fruity note. Try garlic infused olive oil or one flavored with rosemary or other herbs — the choices are limitless and the bread is fantastic! Read more

Cauliflower and Cashew Nut Curry

Nigella Lawson calls this a “Multi-Culti” curry, as it fuses both Indian and Thai flavors. We simply call it delicious. Even non-vegetarians will be pleased and sated with this tasty and substantial entree. That said, it would also be wonderful served as a side to roasted chicken. Pair it with Easy Naan Bread and supper is sorted. Read more

Steak Salad with Blue Cheese Vinaigrette

Steak and blue cheese is a fabulous combination and here it is paired in a delicious summery salad. The addition of fresh green beans and chopped walnuts makes this a complete meal and it couldn’t be easier. The dressing is fresh with lemon zest and shallots and, of course, the blue cheese is the star.  Toast a sliced baguette on the grill and you’ll be quite happy! Read more

Brown Butter and Sea Salt Madeleines

If we haven’t convinced you yet to obtain a madeleine pan (see here and here), we’re confident this third recipe will be the charm! GoodFood suggests offering up a bit of crème fraîche alongside these tasty morsels — and there’s no question that would be a delightful pairing — but we decided that a tot of whiskey would be an amiable partner, and we were not wrong: treat yourself to a late-night tipple and nibble, sweet dreams guaranteed! Read more

Brit Burger

Who doesn’t love a good burger?!? In a recent feature, BBC EasyCook presented five international variations including Italian, Thai, Moroccan, Tex-Mex, and Brit. Well, guess which one we tried? English mustard is added to the meat and then the burger is topped with sharp cheddar and tomato chutney (we used Spiced Tomato Chutney) — SO GOOD! Read more

Crispy Baked Cod Wrapped in Bacon

Quick and almost effortless, this tasty entrée packs loads of flavor. (Well, of course . . . there IS bacon involved after all!) The recipe would be ideal for a mid-week meal and you can sub in other sturdy, white fish such as halibut or sea bass. The entire supper is ready in about 20 minutes. Read more