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Yorkshire Custard Tarts

These lovely little individual tarts are flavored with a bit of ground clove in addition to cinnamon, making for an intriguingly unusual taste profile. Delicious served on their own, they’re also good partners to fresh fruit if you are so inclined — try segmented orange sections when citrus is in season; a mixture of fresh summer berries; or sliced juicy plums in the fall. Best served the day they are made, but certainly any leftovers go very well with a cup of coffee for breakfast the next day! Read more

Pasta with Pesto and Prawns

This is a speedy and delicious pasta dish that you may enjoy hot or as a cold salad. Although we love basil pesto tossed with just about anything, this recipe is special. The secret is the addition of mayonnaise to the sauce: just a few tablespoons elevates an ordinary pesto to something luxurious. Top the pasta with some grated Parmesan and scatter with basil leaves, if you have them. Enjoy! Read more

Parmesan French Toast

While obviously a contender for weekend brunch, this savory take on French Toast is perfect for supper when you want something comforting and quick. We served it with Portuguese Black Bean and Pork Shoulder Soup for a sublime supper. It would also be a wonderful lunch with a crisp green salad served alongside. Seriously, we could eat this any time of day! Read more

Irish Cream Chocolate Cake

We realize this seems a bit daunting with lots of steps, but it is an absolute show-stopper and worth every little effort it takes. Plus, it is completely delicious. Dark chocolate is a wonderful pairing for the Irish Cream and the cake stays moist due to the addition of ground almonds. If you love chocolate (note that dark, milk, and white chocolates are used here), this is heaven. Read more

Oven Roasted Aromatic Ribs with Bourbon and Orange

Ribs are always a treat and this method for cooking them in the oven makes the preparation effortless. In addition, the sauce (which is marvelous!) contains one of our favorite ingredients: orange marmalade. The ribs are baked first in a roasting tin with water. This tenderizes the meat and removes most of the fat. Then they are bathed in the (did we mention it was marvelous?) sauce to make them sticky and glazed. Be sure to have extra napkins to hand! Read more

Prawns with Anchovy Sauce

When it’s an evening just for two of you, this is the ideal entrée: it is so quick and easy to make yet tastes like quite an indulgence. This could also be turned into a pasta topping by adding a little more olive oil and using some of the pasta cooking water to thicken the sauce. A loaf of warm, crusty bread is a must for sopping up the garlicky juices! Read more

Quick Garlic, Cheese, and Chive Buns

Although we would describe these yummy morsels as biscuits, the British mean something else all together by that. We think of buns as containing yeast and sporting a light, non-flaky texture: these are just the opposite. However, there will  be no complaints here — these are delicious served warm with salted butter! Read more