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Lemon Posset

This recipe couldn’t be simpler — just three ingredients — or more divine. You may want to organize a dinner party just so you can serve this very special dessert, but we won’t tell if you choose to indulge yourself without benefit of guests!

The rich and utterly smooth concoction that sets up in the glasses almost magically is bursting with a clear, clean lemon flavor that not only supports but begs for the garnish of summer’s best berries. You might also like to serve a shortbread biscuit alongside . . . but then again, that might just be gilding the lily!

Lemon Posset

3 ¼ cups heavy cream
7 oz. caster sugar (superfine white) (1 cup plus 2 tbs.)
½ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
8 oz. mixed fresh berries

Put the cream and sugar in a pan and bring to the boil, whisking a bit to dissolve the sugar. Lower the heat and simmer for 5-6 minutes, whisking occasionally, then remove from the heat. Whisk in the lemon juice and pour into a jug. Leave to cool completely, then divide mixture between 6 dessert glasses and chill for at least 2 hours.

Just before serving, wash and hull the berries. Slice or quarter any strawberries that are large. Arrange fruit on top of the posset and serve.

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  1. Lynne #

    This is absolutely delicious and if I can make it anyone can!

    August 4, 2012

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