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Hot-Smoked Salmon with Potato and Leeks

Here is the perfect dish for a chilly winter’s evening — all it wants is a simple green salad or green veg served alongside! The recipe suggests it serves four, but we find this scrumptious panful easily satisfies six hungry diners: halve the recipe if you like, for a smaller group; or make up the whole recipe and plan to enjoy leftovers, which heat up beautifully.

Hot-Smoked Salmon with Potato and Leeks

5 large baking potatoes (such as Russet), peeled
3 large leeks, white and light green parts only, thinly sliced
5 tbs. butter, divided
1 tbs. whole-grain mustard
6 fl. oz. heavy cream
16 oz. hot-smoked salmon
freshly ground black pepper

Heat the oven to 425°F. Butter an 8″x11″ baking dish and set aside.

Slice the potatoes into ¼”-thick discs and place in a pot of cold, salted water. Bring to the boil and let the potatoes cook for 4 minutes. Drain.

Sauté the leeks in 3 tbs. of the butter until soft, then add the mustard, cream, and some salt and pepper to the pan.

Gently break up the salmon into chunks and reserve, ready for the final assembly.

Begin building up layers of potato slices, leek mixture, and salmon pieces in the buttered dish. The final layer should be potato slices. Melt the remaining 2 tbs. butter and brush over the final potato layer. Season with a lot of black pepper.

Bake until the upper surface is nicely browned 35-45 minutes.

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