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Rarebit Pork with Pea and Watercress Salad

The same cheesy topping that makes Welsh Rarebit is used here — and we see nothing wrong with that whatsoever! Chutney is a classic accompaniment to cheddar, so we served these lovely, succulent pork chops with Spiced Apple Chutney. Although not called for in the recipe, we added mushrooms, beets, and avocado to the salad to amp up the flavor and the ‘veg’ factor!

Rarebit Pork with Pea and Watercress Salad

2 boneless pork chops, fat completely trimmed
2½ oz. English cheddar, grated (1 cup)
½ tsp. English mustard
dash Worcestershire sauce
olive oil
4 green onions, chopped
5 oz. frozen peas (1 cup) — pour over a kettleful of boiling water to defrost quickly
2 handfuls watercress
1 tbs. olive oil
1 tbs. red wine vinegar

Put the chops between two pieces of baking paper and pound to about ¾” thick. Season well with salt and pepper. Mix together the cheddar, mustard, and Worcestershire. Heat a skillet or griddle then drizzle with olive oil. Add the pork and cook for 4-5 minutes on each side until just cooked through. Place on a baking sheet and top with the cheese, then broil for a minute or two until golden and bubbly.

Toss together the green onions, peas, watercress, olive oil, vinegar, and some seasoning. Serve alongside the pork chops.

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