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Sage and Prosciutto Pork with Rich Mushroom Ragout

One of our husbands came home with an extra spring in his step last night in anticipation of dinner: he knew we were having ‘pork-on-pork’ and what could be better than that?!? Happily, he was not disappointed. The prosciutto adds a lovely saltines to the dish while the sage imparts a fragrant, woodsy note. And, since everything can be prepared in advance, we enjoyed an effortless mealtime!

Sage and Prosciutto Pork with Rich Mushroom Ragout

1 pork tenderloin
5 slices prosciutto
6 sage leaves
juice of ½ lemon

For the sauce:

1 oz. dried porcini mushrooms (1 cup)
2 tbs. olive oil
3 shallots
9 oz. button mushrooms, thickly sliced
4 tbs. Marsala or dry sherry
1 tbs. tomato puree
1 tbs. roughly chopped flat-leaf parsley

Place the tenderloin on a cutting board and cut it lengthwise 1/3  of the way through on a right slant. Open the right flap and make another cut, 1/3 of the way through on a left slant. Open the left flap to “butterfly” the tenderloin. Pound to an even thickness with a rolling pin.

Lay the prosciutto lengthwise on your work surface, overlapping a bit, and place the open tenderloin on top. Season with salt and pepper, then top with the sage leaves and sprinkle with lemon juice. From the long end, roll up like a jelly roll and secure with string or toothpicks. Put in a roasting tin. (If making ahead,  cover and chill until ready to cook.)

Meanwhile, make the sauce by tipping the porcini mushrooms into a bowl and adding 1½ cups boiling water. Leave for 20 minutes. Heat the oil in a pan and gently cook the shallots for 5 minutes without letting them color. Drain the mushrooms, reserving the liquid, chop and add to the pan along with the button mushrooms. Season and cook 5 minutes to soften. Splash in the Marsala and cook until the liquid is almost gone, then add the tomato paste and reserved mushroom liquid. Let bubble until reduced. Set aside for up to 2 hours or until ready to serve. Gently reheat before serving.

Heat the oven to 375°F and roast the pork for 20 minutes, or until just cooked through. If the prosciutto isn’t crisp, place under the broiler for a minute or two.

Slice the pork on the diagonal and serve with the mushrooms. Sprinkle everything with parsley.


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