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Roast Sea Bass and Vegetable Traybake

This elegantly simple recipe is written to serve two, but easily doubled or trebled — just use a larger baking tray so that the vegetables are sufficiently spread out to roast beautifully. Useful as a dinner party dish, the snappy prep also lends itself well to a quick weeknight meal: there’s nothing complicated here, but the result is a sophisticated blend of textures and flavors that is simply delightful!

Roast Sea Bass and Vegetable Traybake

11 oz. red-skinned potatoes, thinly sliced into rounds
1 red bell pepper, cut into strips
2 tbs. extra-virgin olive oil
1 rosemary sprig, leaves removed and very finely chopped
2 sea bass fillets
1 oz. pitted black olives, halved
½ lemon, sliced thinly into rounds
handful basil leaves

Heat the oven to 400°F.

Arrange the potato and pepper slices on a large baking tray. Drizzle over 1 tbs. of the olive oil and scatter with the rosemary, a pinch of salt and a good grinding of pepper. Toss everything together well and roast for 25 minutes, turning halfway through, until the potatoes are golden and crisp at the edges.

Arrange the fish fillets on top and scatter over the olives. Place a couple of lemon slices on top of the fish and drizzle with the remaining oil. Roast for a further 8-12 minutes, depending on the thickness of the fillets, until the fish is cooked through. Serve scattered with the basil leaves.

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