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Clams with Chorizo

Seafood, pork, and sherry: three ingredients, one fabulous but simple Spanish-styled meal. Amontillado sherry is darker than fino but lighter than oloroso and comes from the Montilla region of Spain. However there is no need to buy it; any good sherry will work here. We served this over pasta, with a crisp green salad alongside, and some rustic bread to sop up the delicious juices.

Clams with Chorizo

2 lbs. clams
1 lb. chorizo, cut into fat coins
4 fl. oz. amontillado sherry
snipped fresh chives

Put the clams in a big bowl of cold water or directly into the sink. Soak, then swish off any dirt or sand. Drain and discard any that are open or have broken shells.

Fry the chorizo in a large, dry skillet or wok that has a lid. Once the chorizo has browned a bit and given up some orange oil, remove and wrap in foil to keep warm.

Add the clams to the pan, splash in the sherry, turn up the heat and cover. Cook for 4-5 minutes, or until the clams have opened. Discard any that have not. Return the chorizo to the pan and add the chives. Toss everything well and serve.


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