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Tea Bread Tizzy

For both of us, rarely a day goes by without a cup (or three) of tea — perhaps only four or five times a year!! With said cuppa, we are wont to have ‘a little something’ alongside. It can be toast and marmalade, a nibble of a scone, or a chocolate digestive in a pinch; any baked good will do. We have always loved to bake (in fact, our children used to beg us to buy Oreos like the other moms!) so we usually have ‘a little something’ about. Lately, we have been on a tea bread tizzy and we are happy to share three recipes with you today: Apple and Spice Loaf, Chocolate Zucchini Bread, and Whole Wheat Pumpkin Bread. So versatile, tea breads can be served straight up for tea, toasted with butter for breakfast, or even offered as a casual dessert after supper. They are moist, keep well, and will make a sweet ritual even sweeter!

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