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Sticky Cider and Mustard Sausage Wheel

Although cooked on the hob (stovetop), this succulent sausage swirl could easily be put on the grill to make the washing up even easier. Just reduce the sauce in a small pan and drizzle over the grilled meat. Either way, this is a dandy little recipe for a family supper or casual dinner with friends. A tossed green salad and a loaf of crusty bread are the only accompaniments necessary.

Sticky Cider and Mustard Sausage Wheel

1 pork sausage wheel*
drizzle of oil
1 cup hard cider
2 tbs. wholegrain mustard, plus extra to serve
2 tbs. honey

Soak two wooden skewers in water for 20 minutes, then push through the sausage at right angles to secure. Heat a large pan with a drizzle of oil. Put the sausage wheel in the pan and cook for 10-12 minutes until browned on the underside. Flip over and cook for 10-12 minutes more, until browned all over.

Whisk the cider, mustard, and honey until smooth and pour it over the sausage. Turn up the heat and bubble for 10-15 minutes until reduced to a sticky glaze.

*If a sausage wheel is unavailable, buy thick, linked sausages. Untwist the links and squeeze the meat along the sausage skin so you have one long sausage, then roll into a wheel

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