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It’s Pumpkin Time

Do yourself a favor and pick up a sugar pumpkin soon, while you can: a modestly-sized orb will yield enough flesh for a range of GoodFood treats that are perfect for celebrating the season. We recently purchased a $3 pumpkin at the farmers’ market that gave us enough shredded flesh (easy to accomplish with the help of a food processor) for two Pumpkin Cakes, two Pumpkin and Ginger Teabreads, and enough chunks for our new tea-time favorite, Squidgy Pumpkin and Ginger Loaf!

We would also remind you that now is the perfect time to make up a satisfying potful of Creamy Chicken and Pumpkin. Of course, in any of these recipes, you may substitute butternut squash, seemingly always available pre-cut in the produce aisle, for the pumpkin when fresh pumpkin is out of season. You may also shred or chunk a fresh pumpkin now and freeze it in ziplock bags until needed, a strategy we employed so that we aren’t sated with pumpkin treats to the point of boredom — we’re all set to savor these delicious recipes over the full autumn season, all thanks to one wonderful pumpkin!

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