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Angel Hair Pasta with Lobster

Lemony, lobster-y, and luscious!!! This sophisticated dish belies the fact that it is ridiculously easy to prepare, coming together in about ten minutes. Creamy and indulgent, the recipe serves two, but can easily be increased. If lobster is unavailable, use crab for an equally delicious outcome. Whether for a Friday night in with a film, or a special dinner with friends, this is a must-do!

Angel Hair Pasta with Lobster

2 lobster tails, cooked
4 oz. angel hair pasta, cooked per package directions (saving some cooking water)
1 lemon, zested and juiced
3 tbs. mascarpone cheese
handful of fresh basil leaves

Remove the lobster meat from the tails by snipping down each side of the underneath and pulling the shell back. Slice it into discs and chop any scruffy bits.

Put the mascarpone in to a bowl with the lemon zest, half the juice, 3 tbs. of the pasta cooking water and the scruffy bits of lobster. Season well. Add the pasta and toss everything together. Divide between two shallow bowls and top with the lobster slices and a dash of lemon juice. Scatter with torn basil leaves.

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