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A Touch of the Exotic

Given that, as February winds down, you may be ready to travel (at least in your armchair, if not actually) to a warmer clime, we’re going for the exotic this week: Indian- and Asian-influenced recipes that are warming by way of fragrant spices! The glory days of the British Empire leave a legacy of culinary influence that is enjoyed and enlarged upon to this day — there’s nothing like the talent that spices have for endowing ordinary ingredients with a bit of mystique, turning everyday fare into something out-of-the-ordinary with so little effort.

Today we give you Chicken Mulligatawny Soup because soup, especially warm and spicy soup, is so good for right now. Watch for Quick Lamb Biryani to follow, then two ‘Sweets’ recipes on Wednesday: Chai Tea and Milk Chocolate Cupcakes, and Iced Ginger Shortcake. You’ll find Chicken Teriyaki Skewers with Griddled Spring Onions, and Sesame Soy Salmon and Vegetables with Coconut Rice to round out the week.

Next week, we’re firmly back on British soil, thrilled to have had our gustatory jaunt, but ever so glad to be home!

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