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Peach Melba Pots

As promised, here is a delicious recipe which makes fine use of your Peach Melba Jam — but don’t worry, you can make this even if you haven’t gotten around to jam-making yet! We love the way the mascarpone cream ties together the freshness of summer’s bounty with the sweetness of the jam, itself neither too sweet nor too rich. This dessert is a lovely summertime treat!

Do make note that GoodFood warns against getting carried away with the cloves — just a pinch for warmth is all that is needed!

Peach Melba Pots

½ cup mascarpone
¾ cup Greek-style yogurt
1½ tbs. confectioner’s sugar, sifted
pinch ground cloves
few drops of vanilla extract
5 fl. oz. heavy cream
¾ cup Peach Melba jam (or use a mixture of raspberry and peach jams)
2 white peaches, each sliced into 8 pieces
4 oz. raspberries
1 ½ tbs. roasted chopped hazelnuts or almonds

Put the mascarpone, yogurt, sugar, ground cloves, and vanilla in a bowl. Using a whisk, beat until smooth. Pour in the cream and whisk again until the mixture just holds its shape – you want it to be soft and pillowy, so be careful not to take it too far.

Put a little jam in the bottom of 4 small glasses or pots, top with some of the cream mixture, then 4 peach slices and more jam. Follow this with another layer of the cream, a drizzle of jam and finally the raspberries. Can be chilled for up to 5 hours at this point. Scatter over the chopped nuts just before serving.

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