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Sticky Glazed Pork with Spring Onion Couscous

WOW. . . tangy English mustard combined with sweet honey and tart orange juice create a marvelous glaze for an otherwise ordinary pork chop — simple as that! And, we adore the couscous, which takes but 5 minutes to make and is the perfect compliment here. (In fact, note to selves: this couscous would be a lovely partner to other roasted or grilled meats or poultry.) You’ll note that the recipe calls for brushing the glaze on the pork right before grilling, but we like to plan ahead and marinate it overnight for a deeper flavor. Either way, you’ll enjoy big results from a relatively small effort!

Sticky Glazed Pork with Spring Onion Couscous

4 tsp. English mustard
3 tbs. runny honey
splash of orange juice
4 thick pork chops
10 oz. couscous (1½ cups)
1 bunch green onions, thinly sliced
1 tbs. olive oil
16 fl. oz. hot chicken stock
½ punnet baby plum or cherry tomatoes, halved or quartered, depending on size

Mix the mustard with the honey and enough orange juice to loosen. Season the pork chops, then smear the glaze all over.

When ready to cook, heat the grill and cook 4-5 minutes per side, or to your liking, brushing over any remaining glaze. Remove from grill, then cover with foil and let sit for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, tip the couscous and spring onions into a bowl. Spoon in the oil and stock. Stir, then cover lightly with cling film and leave for 5-6 minutes until the liquid is absorbed. Fluff with a fork and season. Serve the couscous beneath the pork chops.

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