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Sweet Teeth

It could be fairly said that we don’t have a mere ‘sweet tooth,’ but rather a full set of ‘sweet teeth.’ That confession made, however, we feel we ought to be given some small credit for having fulfilled our promise to keep our offerings balanced, in fact posting recipes for Savouries over Sweets at a rate of roughly 2 to 1. But all that changes this week: we’re letting the flour fly and the sugar shimmy, and we’re not even justifying our indulgences by means of including fruit, as we are wont to do. Oh, no, no, no! We’re just licking our fingers and enjoying every sweet crumb, thank you very much.

Watch for Cappuccino Cake, Peanut Butter Cake, and Chocolate and Early Grey Torte; Triple Chocolate Cookies, Fab Choc Chip Cookies, and Judges’ Chocolate Brownies. We know you’ll enjoy every sweet crumb too!

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