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Brown Butter Sole with Peas and Mussels

Eaten straight away, right from the skillet, this is a delicious and super-speedy entrée for two, but you could easily double the recipe: simply sauté the fish in two batches, then return all the pieces to the skillet and continue. Be sure to offer big chunks of crusty bread to sop up the buttery pan juices!

An easy way to wash the mussels is to put them in a bowl of cool water, sprinkle in some flour, and swish them around a bit. This removes any grit from the mussel. Simply rinse under cool running water before adding to the pan to cook.

Brown Butter Sole with Peas and Mussels

1 tbs. olive oil
2 oz. butter (4 tbs.)
4 fillets of sole
7 oz. fresh or frozen peas (1½ cups)
4 oz. mussels, washed and de-bearded (8-10)
2 tbs. dry cider or white wine
juice of ½ lemon
large handful of pea shoots, to serve

Heat the oil and butter in a deep frying pan until foaming. Add the fish and cook for 3-4 minutes. Carefully turn over and baste with the butter, which should be nut-brown.

Increase the heat and add the peas, mussels, cider or wine, lemon juice, and some seasoning. Cover with a lid and cook for another 3-4 minutes until the mussels have opened – discard any that remain closed.

Scatter over the pea shoots and bring the pan to the table with lemon wedges on the side.

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