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Two hundred . . . and One!

Yesterday’s post was our 200th, and in a few short days it will be One Year since we began this adventure. It seems a fitting moment to pause, take a deep breath . . . and let you know how much we are enjoying ourselves!

Here are some of the best bits of the last year:

  • We love being able to pull out our smart phones at the market to check the website and look up the ingredients for a recipe — there is a secret thrill in having this all right at our fingertips.
  • While the Meatballs with Vodka Dill Cream Sauce might just be the new traditional (pardon the oxymoron) Christmas Eve meal for Kelly’s family (being a British take on a Scandinavian classic, paying homage to the many threads of her ancestral heritage), Connie’s family now refers to this dish as Meningioma Meatballs (forgive us, but the timing of the post vis-à-vis her diagnosis makes this apt). Go figure!
  • The need for appealing photos provides a handy, if not compelling, justification for the purchase of all manner of dishes, linens, and accoutrements. Who knew?
  • The (self-imposed) demands of posting three times a week have served to structure our days and weeks around activity that we love. Where better to focus industry than in the kitchen — when our families and friends reap the benefit at table — and then at the keyboard, playing with images and words so that we may share what we love? We are so grateful for the opportunities that this endeavor has afforded us.
  • We have been gently amused more than once over the past year at the skepticism expressed by others that British recipes would be worthy of propagation. We hope that we’ve revealed and demonstrated the error in that assumption!

Moreover, we hope that you, dear reader, are enjoying the fruits of our labor, because even after 200 posts, we’ve got thick binders full of recipes waiting to tempt us — and you! And so, on we go!

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