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Cheese and Chive Spread

Though we’ve swapped out cheeses here, by way of adaptation, we can’t imagine the result being any better than what we offer — we’re only sorry that we made just a half-recipe at first go because it disappeared in a trice! This spread is delicious on Sundried Tomato Soda Bread Baps, as suggested by GoodFood Magazine, a particularly happy companion to the tomatoes therein. But try it as well spread on toast then popped under the broiler as a partner to Quick Tomato Soup. Or use it as a sandwich filling, with a bit of Date and Apricot Chutney; or with slices of ham and tomato, and a leaf or two of lettuce. Try it with crackers to accompany a glass of wine before dinner . . . . need we say more?

The recipe as published calls for Red Leicester cheese, which we were unable to find. We think a fine English cheddar fits the bill admirably.

Cheese and Chive Spread

11 oz. English Cheddar, grated finely (about 4 cups)
5 oz. light mayonnaise (½ cup)
2 tsp. English mustard (we use Coleman’s)
½ cup snipped chives

Simply mix everything together, then press into a bowl. Store in the fridge.
(The recipe is easily halved if you want to make a smaller batch.)

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